Today, I am thrilled to announce to open source my side project, Pandalogix. Pandalogix is my attempt to provide mediocre and advanced technology aware users an intuitive way to build complex logic responding the trigger data.

Pandalogix is coming from my last ten more years work as a software developer in Health Care industry and Asset Performance Mangement system. I recognized that there is one similarity between the area I worked in these two sectors: The original data (trigger) will undergo a series of business logic, string manipulation, mathematical transformation or statistical analytics, to provide end user an actionable outcome. For example, in the IOT scenario, a monitoring device on an engine room will report the current temperature of the engine to the central server and a list of logic will be triggered based on the value of vibration to produce an actionable recommendation to the operators. This trigger, process and then action should be able to apply to many scenarios in our world. So there is the Pandalogix. It is my attempt to make a generic and extensible application to give anyone an easy, intuitive way to compose the processing logic in response to a trigger event.

In addition to providing accessible functionality, I would like to use this project as learning opportunities for new technologies, like Reactjs, Core, Docker, K8s and some programming practices, Domain Driven Design, MicroService, and CI/CD.